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Whether Eyewitness Memory or DNA, Contaminated Forensic Evidence Is Unreliable

Association For Psychological Science Fellow JOHN T. WIXTED has posted a new report about Gary's case, "As part of the “Psychology & Law” class that I teach, I set out to illustrate the point that contaminated forensic evidence of any kind (not just contaminated eyewitness evidence) can lead to a wrongful conviction. Because DNA evidence generally is regarded as the gold standard of forensic evidence, I decided to use that as my example. To find an illustrative case, I conducted a Google search using terms like “DNA contamination” and “wrongful conviction.” That’s how I stumbled upon the story of Gary Leiterman."

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This man's wrongful conviction could happen to you! 

"We are dedicated to exposing the contamination of DNA evidence that sent an innocent man to prison. Jane Mixer’s death and Gary’s life never had anything to do with each other. Gary Leiterman was wrongfully convicted. We will continue the appellate process to set him free."


There were numerous failures in his case that lead to the false conviction of Gary Leiterman.�Gary was convicted of a crime he didn't commit.


Here are the top 3 failures in Gary's wrongful conviction: 

  1. DNA Contamination - No DNA from Jane Mixer survived 30 years on HER pantyhose.  Yet, they claim Gary's did.
  2. Handwriting Not Gary's - Photocopies of handwriting exists that is claimed to be a match with Gary's.  Judge for yourself.�Gary's historical handwriting samples have NEVER been comparable to the photocopies.
  3. Trial Attorney's Weak Defense - Tactical errors in Gary's defense.

Watch a video from YouTube.com on how Gary Leiterman's Wrongful Conviction by DNA changed his life and his family's life. Click here or on the DNA icon on the left. 

It's time that Gary and his family and friends get a voice.  We are asking that you get involved in voicing your opinion on Gary's behalf so that a tragedy like this doesn't happen to you.

Please get involved with The Committee to Free Gary Leiterman so that no one else has to go through the nightmarish ordeal that Gary and his family have suffered. 


Take action to get involved - Visit Our Forum

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