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Please help by taking action to ensure that what happened to Gary Leiterman is exposed for the horrifying mistake that it is and never happens to anyone else; this is Gary's wish.


Gary Leiterman has been wrongfully convicted of murdering Jane Mixer in March of 1969.  This means that two tragedies exist; 1) Jane Mixers killer has never been brought to justice and 2) an innocent man is in prison.


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The Leiterman Family is asking for your help in ensuring that the blatent mistakes by Gary's trial attorney and false information that was presented in Gary's first trial is communicated to all that will hear this cry for justice.


With your help, we can 1) free an innocent man from wrongful incarceration, 2) begin the process of finding and bringing to justice Jane Mixer's real killer, and 3) make everyone aware of what can go wrong in a courtroom, especially with mishandled DNA evidence. 

A forum has been created for your voices to be heard and discussions to be had.  We welcome your input.

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