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Leiterman Family Statement

Our family and all those who know and love Gary, remain vigilant in trying to undo what the Prosecutor's Office and the Michigan State Police have done to convict this innocent man.

We regret very much how unprepared we were on the first trial; we placed our trust on a lawyer that was so inexperienced, he failed to obtain the appropriate discovery for a diligent review and defense of this case.

Since then, we have hired a DNA expert Dr. Theodore Kessis who have uncovered significant flaws in the DNA evidence processing and testing in a shared space, at the same point in time at the Michigan State Police Laboratory. It has been known that the evidence from Jane Mixer’s murder, the evidence from the boy who killed his mother (John Ruelas) and my husband’s buccal swab sample were in the same laboratory at the same point in time.

How can anyone ever deny the obvious contamination?

When you review this Web site, we  believe you will be shocked by the injustice of Gary Leiterman's prosecution and the undeniable contamination of the only physical evidence that was ever presented at his trial. You will begin to understand how innocent people like Gary can be sentenced to prison for the rest of his life on the basis of severely compromised DNA evidence. We ask that you share your views and opinion after reading the information (included in this website) about this case. We ask that you join us in our commitment and efforts to bring justice to Gary Leiterman and bring bring justice to Jane Mixer.  Justice wil be served to Jane Mixer when her real killer is found.

"We are dedicated to exposing the contamination of DNA evidence that sent an innocent man to prison. Jane Mixer’s death and Gary’s life never had anything to do with each other. Gary Leiterman was wrongfully convicted. We will continue the appellate process to set him free."

There is only one explanation for how this DNA sample linked both a four-year old and an innocent man to this crime, one of a series of murdered young woman in Ypsilanti, Michigan in 1969, — the DNA was contaminated in the Michigan State laboratory.

Gary Leiterman was convicted only because of contaminated DNA evidence that was so unreliable it is shocking that it was even been presented to a jury, let alone become the basis for a first degree murder conviction.

The new DNA expert  proves conclusively that DNA evidence gathered in 1969 was contaminated in 2004.  You can read the report prepared by Dr. Theodore Kessis for the Michigan Appeals Court.  Gary's case is in front of them for review.

Read Dr. Kessis' Report Here


Needless to say, that very weak defense ultimately led to my husband Gary’s wrongful conviction and life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. Justice was not served; not for my husband Gary, and not for the victim and her family.

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