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Wrongfully Convicted by DNA...It Could Happen to You!
  Gary Is Innocent  Discussions  General  Why complicate this? Clearly this man should be free
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New Post 11/16/2011 11:49 PM
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Why complicate this? Clearly this man should be free 
Modified By suz88  on 11/17/2011 10:44:08 AM)

I just watched 48 hrs regrading this case. The whole case hinged on DNA. Just because there is DNA evidence it doesn't mean it is reliable. People test the evidence and people make mistakes.

I think sometimes people want to make something more complicated than it is. They would rather believe a man picked up a 4 yr old stranger, drove 40 miles, raped and killed another stranger, cut the 4 yr old and placed his blood on the victim's hand and then drove 40 miles and dropped off the apparantly unmissed child who made no mention of his harrowing experience.

How about looking at facts instead of trying to connect bizarre supposed "evidence". In 2002, A commited murderer's blood was at a lab. Nothing happened when he was four. He is only linked to the victim after his blood was close to her pantyhose in 2002 (many years after the crime took place). The victims cold case detective had sent the hose to the same lab for examination. Also coincidently this same lab had Gary's DNA from a buccal swab for something completely unrelated that also occured many years after the victim was killed. These specimens had nothing to do with each other but are all in the same lab at the same time. What are the odds that DNA from 3 people involved in a crime happen to be in the same lab some 30+ years later for unrelated reasons. I can't even imagine!!!

It is obvious to me that cross contamination took place. It is the simplest and most reasonable conclusion. I was simply shocked that this man was convicted. Why has the verdict not yet been overturned?!!! Gary should not just be set free. He deserves a huge settlement from the legal system and the lab that will not admit the obvious. I have no reason to stand up for Gary and have never posted on something like this before but this situation is disgraceful!!!

Good luck Gary. I hope this hell is soon behind you.

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  Gary Is Innocent  Discussions  General  Why complicate this? Clearly this man should be free
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