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Wrongfully Convicted by DNA...It Could Happen to You!
  Gary Is Innocent  Discussions  General  Mistaken results?
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New Post 2/27/2018 10:48 PM
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Mistaken results? 

I've received some questionable results from FtDNA on my Origins. Some background and results:

I test 71% Eastern European and 27% BI FtDNA
I test 58% Eastern European and 40% Ireland, Scotland Wales at Ancestry
My mother tests 87% EE, 7% Finland, 6% SE Europe at FtDNA
My mother tests 90% EE, 4% SE Europe, 2% SW Europe at 23andme
One brother tests 40% EE, 21% British Isles, 19% SE Europe, 16% Scandinavian, 4% WE Europe at FtDNA plus 
Other brother tests 49.9% EE, 46% NW Europe, 2.8 SE Europe at 23andme. 
I think that the amount of EE in my Origins is too much! Also, my brothers' tests show more places of origin especially the one that tested at FtDNA. I don't think you would ever think we were siblings if you just compared our origins break down. 
Any help appreciated.
I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.
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  Gary Is Innocent  Discussions  General  Mistaken results?
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