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Wrongfully Convicted by DNA...It Could Happen to You!
  Gary Is Innocent  Discussions  General  Calling all Prayer Warriors!!
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New Post 12/9/2017 5:22 PM
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Calling all Prayer Warriors!! 
Modified By monique  on 12/9/2017 8:26:31 PM)

My spirit is grieved to see this miscarriage of justice for Gary, a grandfather and an innocent man.  Please stand with me in prayer and pray that Gary is cleared and everything that was stolen from Gary and his family will be RESTORED.  Including their FAITH.  I truly believe the KEY to his release is SPIRITUAL and lies in the spirit.  I refer you to MICHAEL MORTON who after 25 years was released and his testimony.  God works in mysterious ways but if we do not seek His Help and simply rely on the court system alone we could be missing the KEY to unlock this injustice.

The fact that both Leiterman's and Ruelas's DNA samples were both being processed in the lab at the same time as Mixer's evidence leads any reasonable person to the conclusion that the odds of this being something other than cross-contamination are astronomical!

But the court is not listening so let's open the heavens through prayer!  God Hears and He will answer in a miraculous way.  Glory be to the Author of Life, The Lamb, Jesus Christ.


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  Gary Is Innocent  Discussions  General  Calling all Prayer Warriors!!
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