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Wrongfully Convicted by DNA...It Could Happen to You!
  Gary Is Innocent  Discussions  General  Half Norwegian but 0% Scandinavian, WHY?
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New Post 2/27/2018 10:40 PM
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Half Norwegian but 0% Scandinavian, WHY? 

  My Origins results are 97% British Isles. My mother was full Norwegian (records back to 1600s). My Dad was full BI. I have "matches" with all of my mother's surnames back to 1600s.

1) Could these results go back to Viking times when Vikings brought Irish men and women back to Norway as slaves and concubines?
2) Could all these Norwegian ancestors have BI DNA? Was there a British/Irish/Scottish invasion of the Sognefjord that we don't know about?
3) NPE? When?
4) Could I have inherited ONLY my father's DNA and somehow my mother's just disappeared?
Why is there not even 1% Scandinavian showing when there are so many Norw. Matches in Norway and elsewhere?
Any help appreciated.
I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.
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  Gary Is Innocent  Discussions  General  Half Norwegian but 0% Scandinavian, WHY?
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