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Wrongfully Convicted by DNA...It Could Happen to You!
  Gary Is Innocent  Discussions  General  Which Y-DNA Test should I push for next?
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New Post 2/27/2018 10:53 PM
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Which Y-DNA Test should I push for next? 


I would put this in the section for Paternal Testing, except there I have to choose between asking about STR or asking about SNP -- and my question straddles the two.
I convinced someone I believe to be my second cousin - his father's father the brother of my father's father - to do the Family Finder Test. It also indicated we are second cousins, and also indicated that his first cousin, another grandchild of the same grandfather, is my second cousin.
My father and his brothers are all deceased. No male descendants of my father or his siblings. This cousin is my best bet to get YDNA info for my Father.
When I bought the test, I promised him I would not order any other tests on it without his approval. 
Having confirmed the likely relationship (originally based on a good bit of circumstantial evidence only), I asked and he agreed to adding a YDNA Test, and I had YDNA-67 done.
Since then, they have added a SNP Pack to the Tests he can order. When the SNP Pack was on sale a year or two ago, I contacted him again, and he said he did not want any more tests done at that time, he was sure it would be on sale again. So - he has not ruled out ever agreeing to more testing being done - but it is possible I will not be able to convince him
to do both tests.
Which, if either, should I push hard to convince him to do next? Or ?
Any help appreciated.
I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.
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  Gary Is Innocent  Discussions  General  Which Y-DNA Test should I push for next?
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