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 Many people and organizations don't know about Gary Leiterman's wrongful conviction by DNA, and how weak his trial defense was. 

Below is a list of links that are included in this site:

View Gary Leiterman's YouTube Video - A brief video that tells the story of this horrifying wrongful conviction.
Innocence Project - Many others exonerated after wrongful conviction by DNA
addictionsearch.com - Vicodin Addiction, Abuse and Treatment
Dr. Theodore Kessis - DNA Expert
Michigan State Police - DNA Lab

From CourtTV - John Ruelas' Blood
Michigan State Police Lab - Article of Supervisor Barna resigning
Innocence Network - Advocates for Wrongful Convictions
Letter from Gary Leiterman - Trial Attorney's Shameful Defense
From Yahoo Answers - Should I testify on my own behalf?
From yourdictionary.com - Definition of "alibi"
From The Institute of Continuing Legal Education - MCR 6.414
Forensic Bioinformatics - Dr. Krane
US Supreme Court's Daubert Decision - What is "Daubert"?
From The Grand Rapids Press - Leiterman's Trial Attorney forced to resign
freedictionary.com - Definition of "buccal"
From President's DNA Initiative - Who is required to submit DNA samples?
From CourtTV Crime Library - Points out numerous questions on DNA evidence
From CourtTV - Full Leiterman Trial Coverage
Dr Theodore Kessis - DNA Handling Report, Leiterman
Dr Theodore Kessis - DNA Report Appendix
New York Times March 16, 2003 - The Nation; You Think DNA Evidence Is Foolproof? Try Again
CBC News October 16, 2007 - Wrongfully convicted
The Times September 19, 2007 - We’re not fools — DNA evidence is far from foolproof
Sarah Weinman's Blog - Vocal about Gary's Injustice

Here are some links of people and organizations that The Committee to Free Gary Leiterman is attempting to contact and get help from.


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