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Anyone can see Gary's handwriting was not a match.

The prosecutiion in Gary Leiterman's trial claimed that handwriting found on a phoneboook was compared to Gary's handwriting.  The prosecution claimed that there was a match.  It should also be noted that NO orginal copies of the handwriting on the phonebook Gary was accused of writing on, exist today or even at Gary's trial.

Gary's weak defense attorney was unable to show the jury how ridiculous this "match" is.  Click on the image on the right for a closer look.  See for yourself.  None of these handwriting samples match.

Handwriting report and Gary's handwriting samples.

The prosecutor elicited highly questionable testimony from the State Police handwriting "expert" where the "expert" had modified Mr. Leiterman’s handwriting to resemble the targeted handwriting.  View the prosecutions "expert" report, including handwriting samples of Gary's that span 30 years.  This so called expert is in question with Gary Leiterman's family and many more.  None have been able to figure out where the supposed "match" is... Click here to view Right click and select "save target as" to download or left click to view in another window.  This file is large and will take time.  Please be patient.

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