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Back - Gary's wife Solly, Gary, his son Darwin - Front - his daughter Olive, and his daughter-in-law Jeannie

A story you never want to tell...

"We regret very much how unprepared we were on the first trial, that we placed our trust in a lawyer that was so inexperienced that he failed to obtain the appropriate discovery for a diligent review and defense of this case. Needless to say, that very weak defense ultimately led to my husband Gary’s wrongful conviction and life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. Justice was not served, not for my husband Gary, not for the victim and her family. " - Solly Leiterman - Gary's Wife  

Time for the truth...

"Since then, we have hired a DNA expert Dr. Theodore Kessis who have uncovered significant flaws in the DNA evidence processing and testing in a shared space, at the same point in time at the Michigan State Police Laboratory. It has been known that the evidence from Jane Mixer’s murder, the evidence from the boy who killed his mother and my husband’s buccal swab sample were in the same laboratory at the same point in time." - Solly Leiterman - Gary's Wife

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